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Spyker handheld spinner  


Funnel shaped to improve material flow and with adjustable flow rates for seed and fertilisers 

Lawn and Landscape Fertiliser 

A range of bespoke fertilisers for application to seeded lawns, turf and horticultural applications.

Geko Oscillating Sprinkler 

Constructed of metal this oscillating sprinkler will cover 224 SqM.

The rain train  

When you've got an exceptionally large, open area to water, the fastest, easiest way to cover it is with aRain Train® traveling sprinkler.


Turf should be kept moist at all times, particularly during the first month after laying
Ensure the turf is soaked after laying. During hot dry spells, gardens can be dry for up to 6 inches in depth, and it can take an hour for water to soak down 1 inch
Remember that sprinkler systems invariably do not cover the entire lawn, and pay particular attention to the edge of the turf rolls which can dry out quickly
Watering should be done at the start or end of the day, avoiding direct sunlight which may scorch the turf
Avoid walking on turf during rain or after watering to prevent divots whilst establishingType your paragraph here.