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The key to any lawn is well prepared soil
Treatment with a Glyphosate based weed-killer (systemic herbicide) prior to cultivation will remove any weeds present and help prevent re-growth
Remove stones larger than 15mm (0.6"); remaining smaller stones will aid drainage
Firm the ground by treading, then rake and level the soil creating a fine tilth
The ground can be considered well prepared when a trodden shoe makes a mark but does not sink into the soil
Water lightly prior to laying so the turf is placed onto a damp surface
Apply a dressing of our balanced fertiliser (30-60 grams or 1-2 ounces per square yard) to aid root establishment

Geko Oscillating Sprinkler 

Constructed of metal this oscillating sprinkler will cover 224 SqM.

Spyker handheld spinner  


Funnel shaped to improve material flow and with adjustable flow rates for seed and fertilisers 

Spyker Broadcasters with variable settings 

Broadcasters for seed and fertilisers, compatible with our own range of fertilisers  

Lawn and Landscape Fertiliser 

A range of bespoke fertilisers for application to seeded lawns, turf and horticultural applications.

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