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Laying and Jointing 

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Torsino Hose pipe   


Advanced manufacturing provides a knot free kink resistant flexible hose, food quality, colour yellow.

Our turf is grown from seed using a blend of grasses that knit together to form a firm base, avoiding the need for netting
Rolls should be laid tightly together and kept moist to aid establishment and fusion
For best results, lay the turf using planks to work from and walk on
Lay the edges of borders first, like a big frame. This prevents the edges from drying out
Turf should be laid in alternate directions in a staggered bond, ensuring the joints are pulled into each other, but avoid stretching the turf
Do not skimp! Using small bits to finish the job will only dry out and ruin the finish. When ordering it is a good idea to allow 5% for cuts on a square lawn, and 10% for cuts on an irregular shape lawn. Any spare can be stacked in rolls and make great soil
It is not advisable to roll after laying as this will squash air out of the soil and will destroy the crumb structure. Nature will quickly press the turf down with the first shower of rain.

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