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Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan

Mushroom Compost available in bulk bags, 75lt bags and loose. We have a weighbridge on site.    

Decorative gravels and base aggregates 


We stock a range of gravels from Cotswold self binding, Dorset variant, 40mm clean stone and more 

Tripod ladders from japan

​Okatsune secateurs

Okatsune secateurs are the No. 1 choice for professional gardeners in Japan; they’re simple, sharp and strong. Unlike western brands, which rely on cushioning and gearing for a smooth feel, these have a more direct action, resulting in a very clean, efficient cut.

Kanenori Loppers from Japan    

Traditional Japanese lopping shears with big strong forged blades and stout oak handles.

Japanese Hoe 

Japanese hoe for the digging, weeding and planting. Good in the veg garden for preparing seed beds, and great for prising out roots, clumps, rocks and other such unprisables.
Japanese White Oak (Quercus myrsinifolia) handle, carbon steel head.

4.5" head (11cm)
15" long (38cm)

Tripod ladders from japan

Weeding Hoe 

This demon little one-handed weeding hoe is great for slicing through weeds in borders and veg beds, and like our friend the Hori Hori, provokes odd behaviour in people.

Carbon steel blade with single bevel on the under side
13" long (33cm)
5" blade (13cm)
Right or Left handed

Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan


Used for excavating, digging and shovelling most aggregates. The pointed blade offers easier penetration in tougher ground.


18E THE LANDSCRAPER (as illustrated on the home page) High Tensile steel teeth landscaping rake complete with back edge for grading and levelling. It has the same dimensions as the well proven 18S, 70cm wide 18 teeth with 4cm gap between the teeth.

Double Holster

On your hands and knees, cutting back some overgrown shrub, secateurs not quite strong enough for some cuts. What do you do? Back inside for the loppers, or whip out the folding saw from your nice new double holster?

Hose reel trolley 

One of the best we have come across and at a great price. 

Small sickle

Japanese sickle from Okatsune for clearing, hacking and harvesting. 6" blade (15cm) and nice red handle so you can find it amongst the weeds. Comes with a vinyl cover for the blade.

Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan

Featured products 

We also stock a range of PPE and some Spear and Jackson shovels. 

Spyker P20-9010 20kg Capacity  Stainless steel hopper, powder coated frame with acu-way spread pattern, adjustable in height, enclosed gears with positive on / off system 

Composted Bark available in bulk bags, 75lt bags and loose. 

Herbaceous sickle

Serrated blade copes with tough, dry stalks: grab a handful, cut with a single, strong sawing action.

Spyker P40-5020 (23kg)  

23kg capacity with polypropylene hopper and the acu-way spread pattern. Enclosed gears and a lifetime warranty

Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan



We stock general purpose topsoil and screened premium topsoil that has been screened to 10mm with added composts 

Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan
Tripod ladders from japan

​Okatsune snips

We all need a good pair of snips, ones that can live in pockets without doing any harm, and wander round the garden with us for those unplanned moments.

Pointy ends are great for getting right in for careful snipping, red and white handles show up when you (almost inevitably) leave them lying around somewhere.


1 metre wide – 1/3 wider than 32P​

Self-cleaning leaf & grass rake with back supports to allow debris to build up on the rake. When full, lift and turn and the debris will fall cleanly away from the rake into the wheelbarrow or trailer.

Geka oscillating sprinklers 

A rectangular oscillating sprinkler with a massive 224 square meter coverage. Constructed out of mostly metal.  

The Lawn and Landscape Centre aims to be a one-stop destination for all your requirements when it comes to lawn care and landscaping. Offering a selection of tools for both professional landscapers and keen gardeners alike. On this page you will find a selection of tools that we recommend and stock. 

8' (2.4m) Tripod Ladder from Niwaki

Conforms to EN-131 rating for commercial use
Lightweight aluminium, beefed up in the crucial places
Stable tripod design
Adjustable rear leg for slopes and steps
Optional rubber feet for hard surfaces

Tripod ladders from japan

Chelwood Rakes 

32P 65cm wide (2cm gap between teeth). Self-cleaning leaf & grass rake with back supports to allow debris to build up on the rake. When full, lift and turn and the debris will fall cleanly away from the rake into the wheelbarrow or trailer.

Fertilisers developed by us for us  


A range of bespoke fertilisers for application to seeded lawns, turf and horticultural applications. 

Okatsune Shears

The long blades (8") and wooden handles of these Shears provide perfect balance for detailed topiary work, whilst being tough enough for hedge pruning and more brutal work! Ideal for box clipping, cloud pruning, yew hedges, bay standards, holly dumplings (?) and just about everything else.

Turf grown by us and cut to order  


Trent Turf is a quality lawn turf grown from seed using a blend of grasses designed to produce a lawn that is attractive yet durable.

Tripod ladders from japan

Torsino hose pipes  

hard wearing PVC braided hose
Yellow on the outside and black on the inside Three diameters (12, and 25mm) and two lengths (25 and 50m) available in stock

Tool belt 

Leather belt for dangling your tool holsters from. Free size, 130cm long - the buckle comes off so you can cut the end to length

The rain train  

When you have an exceptionally large open area to water, the fastest, easiest way to cover is a with a rain train travelling sprinkler. Both models travel up to 200ft and cover as much 1255 square meters.  

Spyker hand held spinner 

Funnel shaped to improve material flow. Adjustable flow rates 

Bakuma Folding Saw 

Cracking folding saw from Bakuma, in Niigata up in the North of Japan - it cuts on the pull, like all Japanese saws, which makes cutting easier and leaves a cleaner finish. Perfect for all garden jobs and light tree work

9" blade (24cm)
11" blade (30cm)
Replacement blades available

The Golden Spade   

Incredibly strong, lethally sharp, surprisingly light - and golden. What more could one ask of  a spade? 

Steel pipe shaft welded to the blade and handle
Solid tread for digging
Pointed blade cuts through hard ground
38.5" long (97cm)
9" x 11" head (23 x 29cm)